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10 Signs of a Healthy Person

10 Signs of a Healthy Person

Health is the correct, normal activity of the body, its complete physical and mental well-being. Such a simple and understandable definition is given by the explanatory dictionary C. I. Ozhegov. 

Are there any obvious signs by which you can make sure that your health is fine, or you can only trust the tests? 🩸

To find out your health condition, it is necessary to pay attention to the indicators of energy level and condition of the adrenal glands, metabolism of neurotransmitters and detoxification systems. As for the tests, it is also necessary to take them once a year.

❗️But you should NEVER focus on tests without the lack of a clinical picture! If there are no complaints, there is no need to "treat" analyses. More often than once a year, you don't need to monitor without any complaints either. And remember: the disease is easier to prevent than to treat.❗️

10 Signs of a Healthy Person, they are given below:

1).  A healthy person has a good sleep: he falls asleep easily under any circumstances, does not have nightmares and does not have to get up at night to use a bathroom. A healthy person easily wakes up after 7-8 hours of sleep in a cheerful condition.

2). Morning urine pH in a healthy person - from 4.5 to 5.5. Acid urine is an indicator that the kidneys did their job overnight, detoxification was successful. Dark morning urine, medium volume.

3). A healthy person has a great appetite. If detoxification systems have fully fulfilled their function at night, a person wakes up with good appetite and thirst. Appetite in the morning is more important than in the afternoon. Food intakes increase energy levels, after meals there is no tachycardia, pain, nausea and loss of strength - this indicates good carbohydrate metabolism and enzyme systems, healthy mucous membranes. A healthy person can easily withstand intervals between meals for 4-24 hours.

4). A healthy person easily tolerates moderate physical activity. He often feels a desire to walk, run. Thirst for physical activity is an indicator of adequate work of mitochondria.

5). A healthy person stays in a cheerful mood most of the time, has a lot of strength and energy, he does not reflect or procrastinate (acetylcholine, dopamine, cortisol and oxytocin are normal). A healthy woman is friendly, kind, not vengeful. witty, well versed in the first phase of the cycle. A healthy man is calm, cheerful, not prone to gossip and rumors, is not vengeful (a normal man has low oxytocin, the desire to gossip is a high level of oxytocin).

6). A healthy person can eat whatever he wants and nothing happens to him. This person easily tolerates all types of stress (good adaptive capabilities), gets sick a couple of times a year (infectious diseases are accompanied by high fever!). A healthy person has no headache or is very rare, episodic. The basal temperature in a healthy person is 36.5-36.7 °C. In women, it depends on the cycle phase, but not less than 36.5°C (may be lower before ovulation).

❗️Those who gets sick without temperature for several years - take an immunogram, at least. Constantly elevated temperature most often indicates chronic inflammation of a viral nature or autoimmune processes.

7). A healthy person smells good. The armpits have a slightly sweetish smell (lymphatic and other systems work fine). Urine has a sour bread smell, maybe odorless at all. In any case, the smell should not be repulsive (there are no infectious processes and ammonia load). Normally, there is also no mouth odor.

8). A healthy person has good libido. Women have a special expression of sexual desire in the first phase of the cycle. Physical intimacy does not cause any discomfort. Healthy women have no PMS, menstruation is painless, no chest pain (normal prostaglandin levels, good detoxification of estrogens, adequate progesterone/estrogens ratio, good sensitivity of cell receptors to hormones).

9). The skin is clean, smooth, healthy blush is present in both women and men. Skin porosity may be, but there should be no rashes.

10). Nails are smooth, light pink uniform color with lunulas on all nails. Children after 6-7 years of age should also have all the lunulas.